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About In Sinc Wellness

In Sinc Wellness was born from my passion for food and movement. Food needs to be nourishing, delicious and made from real ingredients. Movement needs to be often and we need both every day to achieve health and wellness.


I am a nutrition coach and personal trainer who understands the relationship between food, movement, stress and wellness. I work with clients to achieve a positive balance between these. I will provide you with the tools and knowledge to make healthy, delicious food choices and with this knowledge you can achieve a permanent positive change for you and your family.


I offer nutrition workshops, cooking classes for both children and adults, individual nutrition coaching to help you achieve your health and wellness goals and personal training.


I live in East Sussex with my husband (chief taster), three fridge emptying sons and a permanently muddy Spaniel.

In a nutshell…

Here you will find ideas, recipes and advice to help you eat for optimum health

How can a Nutrition Coach help me?

Weight Loss: do you want to lose weight but have struggled in the past with diets? I can explain why you have found it difficult, why diets don’t work in the long time and help you to make positive changes to the way you eat to result in weight loss. You will never need to ‘diet’ again.


Chronic Health Conditions: if you suffer from a chronic health condition I can provide you with the tools and knowledge to enable you to manage, prevent and perhaps even reverse symptoms using diet and lifestyle changes.


Dietary Restrictions: do you or a family member have an intolerance or allergy to a food? I can help you with the knowledge and confidence to create delicious meals which everyone can enjoy.


Menu planning: do you need inspiration, ideas and help with creating delicious meals for yourself and family. I can provide recipes, menu plans and shopping lists to take the strain away.

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Cook Schools

My Mum was an amazing cook and she taught me all the crucial basic skills to develop my own food knowledge. Our busy lives and full time jobs leave little time these days to teach our children this vital life skill. I provide after school cook clubs and curriculum time workshops for primary school aged children. I teach them the importance of eating fresh food made from real ingredients and how to prepare and cook delicious family meals. Giving children the tools to make healthy food decisions is a skill which will promote their health and wellness for the rest of their lives. My real food rebels are leading the charge against hyper processed junk food’


If you are interested in an after school cook club at your school, school holiday cook clubs or parent and child cooking workshops then please get in touch.
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Personal Training

Do you want to improve your general fitness? Build muscle? Run a 10km? Reduce body fat?


I am a level 3 qualified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and have a pre and post natal fitness specialism so whatever your fitness and movement goals are I can help.


Balanced, healthy and tasty recipes!